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I am a licensed Architect in California and Hawaii, and a registered Civil Engineer (specializing in structural engineering) in California. My office is located in Santa Barbara, California.

After graduating from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo in 1983 with a degree in Architectural Engineering (i.e. structural engineering of buildings), I worked as a structural engineer in Orange County, California for six years, obtaining my California Civil Engineering registration in 1986. During this period, I engineered a variety of structures, including large tilt-up concrete industrial complexes, steel framed banks, hotels and department stores, and a variety of timber framed residences.

In 1989, I joined Ron Yeo, FAIA Architect, Inc. of Corona del Mar, California, as an architectural intern. As I developed my architectural skills, I also performed most of the firm's structural engineering. I obtained my California Architect license in 1993. While at Ron Yeo's, I worked on a variety of municipal and private sector projects, both as a project architect and structural engineer. My integral knowledge of structural engineering allowed the development of economical designs, using structural materials efficiently and economically, and aided in the expedient resolution of field conditions during construction. Projects included park facilities, interpretive centers and natural history museums, and custom residences and residential additions.

In 1998, I moved to Santa Barbara, started my own firm Patrick Marr, AIA PE and developed my own structural and architectural practice. (I am a sole proprietor and jokingly refer to my office as the "worlds smallest A & E firm".) Current and past projects include numerous residential remodels and additions, and custom homes, some incorporating environmentally friendly materials such as straw bale construction, insulating concrete forms (ICF’s) and structural insulated panels (SIP’s). While the majority of my projects are located in California, I also have projects in Hawaii, Utah, and Wyoming.


I perceive architecture as a service industry; I serve my clients by fulfilling their needs. Stylistically, my projects are all over the map; Each client has different taste and needs, each project fits into a different neighborhood and context, and therefore each project necessitates a different solution. My clients have a dream and I see it as my job to articulate it for them. Occasionally, the client’s dream conflicts with my personal goals and I readily admit that I am not the right architect for them.

As I tell my clients, my goal during the architectural process is to always take steps towards the goal line (project construction) with minimal wasted time and effort. This saves us both time, saves them money in my fees, and saves me headaches (I am not as patient as everyone thinks I am!). My preliminary designs evolve into architectural construction plans, which transmogrify into structural plans. I have a number of standard structural details, which speed up the construction drawing process, and which I modify to create architectural details. (Unfortunately, with each architectural project being unique, I haven't found too many standard architectural details -- every one of my projects is unique.)

I am an avid environmentalist and consider the environmental impact of my projects when possible and appropriate. I generally maximize the use of engineered lumber and other greener building materials. I have used environmentally friendly materials such as straw bale construction, insulating concrete forms (ICF’s) and structural insulated panels (SIP’s) in the past and hope to have the opportunity to do so again in the future. I believe that “nature” likes simple ideas and I like simple solutions, such as ample windows and skylights for day-lighting.

I use a Macintosh MacBook Pro computer with PowerCADD and WildTools for drawings, SketchUp for building study models, and the usual plethora of other office and bookkeeping related applications. I generally create PDF files of my plans that I can email to the local print shop and to clients. With each passing year, it seems as though more and more of my communication with clients is done electronically.

I am a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), International Code Council (ICC), Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC), California Straw Building Association (CASBA), 1% For The Planet and various other environmental organizations.  In my free time, I like to surf and paddle polynesian outrigger canoes.

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